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It’s About Time: A Mysterious Time Travel Conspiracy

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It's About Time: A Mysterious Time Travel Conspiracy

A mysterious time travel conspiracy is about to unfold
Angela Mercy, a highly trained elite bodyguard, tragically fails her chief assignment: protecting the life of the country’s leading quantum physicist. Her life is about to change, as someone else is taking over her future.

A fast-paced action thriller that will grab you and not let you go.
In Japan’s infamous Devil’s Triangle, a small fishing boat disappeared in a swarm of crimson firefliesA leading quantum physicist is assassinated before his keynote speech. While in pursuit after his killers, his highly trained bodyguard, Angela, is caught in a cloud of turquoise fireflies and vanishesA tyrannical ruler will go out on a merciless quest for immortality, and will use any measures necessary to guarantee his success. Even if it means altering the course of history.

Past, present and future collide in a journey through time, mystery and suspense.
Lyle Howard’s newest It’s About Time is an exhilarating read filled with unexpected twists and turns, that will take you on a rocket ride through history to reveal a suspenseful conspiracy.

Suspense, Romance and Mystery in a time travel thriller you will not forget.