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Horse Humor

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Horse Humor

Wit and Wisdom for the Mind, Body and Spirit
Authored by Bonnie Mae Savage Ph.D.
Edition: 1

New! For teens and adults.
130 pages and 88 gorgeous, colorful horse photographs.
It is an entire book with page after page of laughs!

Horse Humor is for anyone who has ever had a bad day, a chaotic family life, grumpy co-workers or a just plain challenging week. The horse lover, the self-help enthusiast, as well as anyone who embraces the concepts of mind, body and spirit wellness will especially appreciate the laughs. Horse Humor presents us with a wonderful and compassionate, totally humorous, look at the things that can get us off balance and then simply walks the reader through reminders of how to nurture our minds, our bodies and our spirit to regain our sense of humor with ourselves, others and life in general.

All the fun is presented in a gentle, friendly, conversational – I totally get it! – style.

Horse Humor is uplifting, empowering and just plain funny. The reader will once again see that life really is good.

Buy now for yourself, those you love, and all the horse people on your list. Everyone can enjoy a refreshed look at our sometimes crazy world!

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