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Next Geopolitics: The Future of World Affairs (Technology)

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Next Geopolitics: The Future of World Affairs (Technology)

Next Geopolitics: The Future of World Affairs (Technology) is a groundbreaking book on how new technologies, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, embryo editing, space colonization and more will transform world affairs.

Written by a leading geopolitical futurist, each of the eight chapters revolve around provocative scenarios, like which country is responsible for a designer baby that is designed in the United Kingdom but born in India, and how will governments decide what is an act of war in the age of autonomous robots and artificial intelligence?

The book has been purposely written to be short and straight to the point, with the imagined reader being able to finish the book during a flight from New York to Tokyo, or London to Hong Kong. If you are looking for a rare look into the wave of disruption heading your way, and how countries will be jolted, pick up this book as it is redefining the word geopolitics and giving a new meaning to the future