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Become the CEO of Your Mind: Overcome Ego, Illusions, and Fears

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Become the CEO of Your Mind: Overcome Ego, Illusions, and Fears

Do you have fears that stop you? Do you want to become free from what makes you unhappy? What if there is a part of your mind that sabotages you? In her latest book, Become the CEO of Your Mind, a motivational speaker, life coach, and author Sylvia Salow teaches her readers how to overcome fears, ego, and illusions to live a happy and fulfilling life. Each chapter in the book guides readers to understand their mind and release the blocks of what they most want: happiness, inner peace, and becoming of control of their mind.

Salow is a student of a metaphysical book called A Course In Miracles that has completely changed her relationship to her mind. Now she wants to make the same shift for you.
Sylvia Salow says, “We don’t need to feel powerless in our lives. My commitment with this book is to teach people how to get a control over negative thoughts and beliefs. When we become the CEO of our minds, there is nothing to stop us from creating the life of our wildest dreams. Knowledge is power. I want to teach people how to find inner freedom,peace, and joy.“

The book teaches you:
•How to recognize the part of mind that sabotages your chances for a happy life
•How exactly the mind creates negative thoughts, low self-confidence, feelings of guilt, and many other limiting beliefs
•How you create your reality backed by a physics
•How to take control step-by-step back over your mind to find inner peace, wisdom, and happiness