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You’re the Goon for Me

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You're the Goon for Me

Jewell was your typical d-boy who runs the streets. He’s known as the king of the south side, but now he is looking to expand his operation. With the right queen by his side, he feels that his dynasty will be complete.
Tiara is just your average spoiled little rich girl who gets everything she wants. Her job is going to school and making straight A’s. The only hard work she has ever known is studying the books and staying on top of her classes. She’s determined to get her degree and make something of herself.
When the two of them link up, a sense of respect and love takes over them. Tiara becomes Jewell’s everything and she shows him how a queen truly treats her king. With Jewell’s street smarts and Tiara’s book smarts, they create a legacy that becomes untouchable.
But, will love, deduction and being on top of the game with the baddest chick be enough for Jewell? Can Tiara, the spoiled princess take on the street life and be Jewell’s street queen? Will she be able to handle Jewell’s lifestyle and all that comes with it, or will it become too much for her to handle? Follow Jewell and Tiara to see if love can conquer all.