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I Was Made To Love You

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I Was Made To Love You: The Ceanna and Avantae Story

**** Standalone ****Spinoff
Let it burn! Ceanna is force to bury her best friend Tonya as a sudden illness comes over her. Guardian to her best friend’s Tonya daughter Jalisa. Ceanna wonders if she can raise Jalisa and deal with the betrayal Tonya and her husband Jaceyon has put her through. Pregnant herself and carrying Jaceyon’s twins, Ceanna tries to mask her emotions and deal with the situation the best she can.

Avantae is healing nicely after being shot by his brother Jaceyon at Zylan’s funeral. He reconnects with his mother Barbara Jean and makes room for Ceanna. He takes on his new responsibility as step father to Ceanna’s twin girls and Jalisa. Stepping away from the streets, he finds passion in music. Things are finally looking up for him until Zaria.

Zaria is determined to have Avantae to herself. He was once her first love and she hasn’t been able to let him fully go. She has a son, that she has kept hidden from Avantae. Determined to be a family Zaria stops at nothing to ruin the life he has built with Ceanna.

They say when you bury the past, the skeletons have a way of presenting themselves. This couldn’t be any truer than the current. When doors aren’t fully shut from the past, it has a way of ruining possibilities in the future. Will Jaceyon, Mia Symone and Zaria accept what is now and allow Ceanna and Avantae to be happy, or will this trio brew in envy and allow it to destroy everyone and everything in the process?