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Honey Brown Rose: The Thug’s Wife

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Honey Brown Rose: The Thug's Wife

Crimson ‘Rose’ is a beauty to see but painful to touch if you aren’t careful. With her honey brown skin and seducing eyes…once upon a time she used to be the sweetest girl ever, but after life got ahold of her she was forced to no longer be the elegant rose with only the sharp thorns protecting all that she has to offer.

Kyree was misunderstood from birth. He and Crimson built a bond like no other before they were separated as kids. Though he slipped up a lot when he was younger, he finally found himself on a path that he could be proud of.

When the two surprisingly reconnect, Kyree finds himself obsessed with Crimson and the ways in which she has changed. She is now aggressive, stubborn, and impulsive but Kyree loved it. He wants to help her through the pain she harbors deep inside that caused her to become so guarded and just when she finally begins to trust him a past mistake of his surfaces.

This tale of romance takes you on an intoxicating journey where you get to absorb the ways in which love brings out the best in people but also the worst. Its satisfyingly addictive drama filled pages will leave you questioning whether retaliation is what an aching heart needs, or if forgiveness is the key to everlasting satisfaction.