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From Ghetto to Glory: “The Real Life Story of Job”

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From Ghetto to Glory: "The Real Life Story of Job"

This book is about the trials and triumphs about the life of A. Lamail Spain. Born in a single parent, poverty stricken home in one of the most dangerous and worst neighborhoods in Winston-Salem, NC where people were more than likely to become one of four things: on drugs, selling drugs, in and out of the penal system, or dead. Take the journey as Lamail explains how God had different plans for his life, in which, he had to overcome, conquer, metamorphosis, transfigure, and master life after learning to allow and submit to God by using Him to be an encourager and encouragement to others. This jaw dropping roller coaster ride will have you speechless, laughing, crying, and cheering from start (Alpha) to end (Omega) as you read how God transformed a fatherless boy into a powerful and God-fearing man.