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A Little April Fools: A DD/LG Romance

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A Little April Fools: A DD/LG Romance

There’s a symbol for every friendship, something that reminds one friend of the other and always will. For some friends, it’s hearts or infinity signs. For other’s its wine corks or anchors. Once a friendship forms a symbol, it’s hard to look at the item without thinking of the other person, for the rest of your life.
For David, three leaf clovers would always remind him of his bond with his best friend Jade. He’d given her one the day they met, seven years ago, when she’d been crying in their High school’s courtyard. Since then he has fought his Dominant urges to turn her into his little play thing and locked her up, strictly in the friend zone.
Jade is a stubborn but sweet little brat, that always pushes against David’s control without even knowing he wants her in more ways than she could imagine.
When Jade gets the symbol of their friendship tattooed on her ass and tells the tattoo artist that it’s a symbol of luck and of love, David decides it’s past time to smash the walls and show Jade how good life could really be if she joined him in his bed and his heart, as his little submissive instead of his bratty best friend.

**Content Warning**

A Little April Fools, CONTAINS DEPICTIONS OF THE DD/LG (D*DDY DOM/ LITTLE GIRL) LIFESTYLE. NO CHARACTERS ENGAGED IN SEXUAL ACTS ARE RELATED, BIOLOGICALLY OR LEGALLY. The story includes lots of playful submission and other BDSM games. Knife play and other forms of sexual discipline and edge play fill these pages. If any of these subjects, make you uncomfortable please do not purchase this book.