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GESCHENKEN: Resurrection

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GESCHENKEN: Resurrection

“GESCHENKEN: Resurrection” is a Supernatural Action Drama in which a scatterbrained Brett Greene thinks he’s about to start a routine job as a schoolteacher. Unknown to him, this job will not only unlock his past and transform his present, but will give him the keys to a future of limitless possibilities. The rise of a new villain might be the catalyst Brett needs to reach his full potential in a world where everyone is extraordinary.

The word “GESCHENKEN” is a German word that translates into the American word “Gifts.” In this novel you’ll be introduced to a world of gifted people, some more than others. Our main character, Brett Greene, is one of the “some.”

The path to unlocking the full potential of one’s Gift(s) can be a very lengthy process, or a quick one depending on how selfless one is willing to be. Brett Greene often finds himself struggling to stay completely selfless, delaying his path to finding out his true purpose in this very different world.

By the time Brett Greene eventually finds out and accepts who he is, is it too late to change the course of events that unfold? Dive into the world of GESCHENKEN and find out, but ponder this question…

If YOU could have any super power imaginable, what would it be?