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Aeternus: The Emancipation from Nefarious

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Aeternus: The Emancipation from Nefarious

Aeternus The Emancipation from Nefarious is the first part of a trilogy about the afterlife. A world where all things that once lived and died on Earth, now talk and walk about like he rest of us, including all animals, insects and trees themselves. A Young Adult Fiction, this is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as Aiden, a recently passed young man, and his new found friends go on a rescue mission to the underworld where they encounter demons and condemned souls locked in the depths of Hell. They must find a way back out before Hells atmosphere takes over their minds and souls.

This is a funny, sad, exciting and adventurous story that will grip you instantly leaving you unable to put it down. lots of fun and mysterious characters make this a very memorable story.

As a Young Adult Fiction, Aeternus is aimed towards the age of 12+, some parts may been deemed to scary for the younger children. Aeternus is a heavenly kingdom with lots of weird and wonderful parts to it, hell is full of hate and tortured souls, some of these parts of the story are gory with blood, guts and bones coming from every angle, although a Young Adult Fiction, this is not for the faint hearted.

And let’s face it………. how do any of us really know if this is just fiction or a real true glance to the otherside???? You decide.