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All Out of Love : Where Do We Go From Here?

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All Out of Love : Where Do We Go From Here?

Nothing can prepare Rachel Brown for the turn of events she would have to face in her relationship. She goes from having a great marriage and the perfect job to losing it all in the blink of an eye when her husband, Derrick Brown, decides to set her up for failure.

Jealous of his wife and the money she makes, Derrick plots with his cousins to set Rachel up to lose her job. Not only is he tired of being with a woman that makes more money than he does, working as head security at a bank; he’s tired of not receiving any love from his workaholic wife, Rachel.

On the side of his marriage, Derrick conceives a child out of wedlock with one of many side-chicks, Kaylie. Yes, it could’ve been simple to just divorce his wife, but Derrick wanted his wife to suffer. The only way Derrick felt his wife, Rachel Brown, would suffer was by taking everything away from her. Little did he know-his plan would soon backfire.