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Ma’dam By Night, Secretary by Day

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Ma'dam By Night, Secretary by Day

Loyalty and power: two things that everyone either wants or struggles hard to obtain. With a tainted childhood and familial responsibilities, Candace Williams spends a great deal of time trying to maintain her sense of loyalty. But, after losing her military job, trying to keep her delinquent teen brother out of trouble, and figuring out her personal relationship, Candace soon realizes that loyalty comes with a price. Unfortunately for her, that price includes returning to the employ of her Aunt Robyn, the Madam of Atlanta, and taking on a double life. Her call girl lifestyle not only changes her relationships but also changes Candace’s outlook on life. How far is she willing to go to save her brother’s life while trying to hold on to the man she loves? How much of her soul can she consciously compromise before things get out of hand? Once loyalty begins to threaten power and truths start to come out, the outcome turns out fatal and Candace’s life is forever changed.