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Unlock the Unknown: New Earth

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Unlock the Unknown: New Earth

Turning back the clock of youth might seem like a gift to some, but to Soren Cutrone it’s a nightmare. In year 2045, New Earth—just one of the eight extraordinary worlds in the Unison galaxy—welcomes him. Just when the “sixteen-year-old” and survivor of Earth’s demise thought he lost everything, his life gets tangled even further.

After an ethereal card reading, Soren is informed about an approaching journey of four. Unknowingly, three others received the same message: princess of planet Okulis Orbitorium, Asuka Akioto, Damonico Damirror, superior and heir to the throne of planet Wretched Hollows, and lady of planet Kandy Kingdom, Amelia Vossler.

The four leave their real lives behind, attending the first galaxy-wide, live-in school on New Earth. They soon realize their connection is irrevocable and their destiny holds greater purpose than fathomable.

Rousing journeys and lavish parties are only the beginning to the road of power, excitement, love, and pain. Just when uniting seems unbearable, the malicious Vigore Alliance introduces itself. So, the real question is, what will happen when a true forty-five-year-old genius, a reckless, high-spirited princess, a barbaric, love-struck heir, and a shy outcast are forced together?