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I’ll Always Be Loving You: Forever His Rider

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I'll Always Be Loving You: Forever His Rider

Falling in love is easy, staying in love is the hard part.

Tyria ‘Tweet’ Matthews found out that while being married to a boss; it had its perks and its downfalls. From worrying about him getting cased up, to driving herself crazy worrying about somebody trying to murder him in hopes of taking his spot. Although her man, Antwan’s, lifestyle came with a lot of things, chicks were the furthest thing from Tweet’s mind because his loyalty ran deep and his love for her was undeniable.

When Tina blew into town turning Tweet’s perfect world upside down, Tina wasn’t just passing through; she was trying to make her permanent mark in a new city. Being the baby mama of NFL super star wasn’t good enough for her. Her thirst for a check left her wanting more when she lucked up on Tweet’s husband with his money, power, and respect, sparking her interest. What started out as only a come-up quickly became more, as she got wrapped up in his charm.

A broken-hearted Tweet tries to ride for her man by sticking to their vows but finds herself adding fuel to the fire when she finds her own sources of comfort. Just when they are both at their wit’s end, tragedy strikes, causing them both to make a hard decision; it’s either gonna break them or make them. Tweet finds herself battling constantly, asking herself if with her king is where she needs to be? Or has she been struck too hard by the draw-dropping potential who’s ready to take his place?
Home is where the heart is, but is your heart always safe at home? Find out what happens in this love tale.