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Ace of Hart (Hart of Darkness Book 1)

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Ace of Hart (Hart of Darkness Book 1)

Secrets, guns, espionage and The Agency.

Ace Hart’s no longer the Special Forces soldier she once was but a chance encounter in Central park with a mysterious man and a mugger has her kicking her four inch stilettos right into her attacker’s shin . She’s faced guns and knives, bombs, and soldiers but she’s never faced a superhuman opponent like Agent Lazarev—in war or love. When Ace is invited to join Agent Lazarev in his world where Sensitives work for the Government, she discovers she’s more than just a super soldier. She is a part of a superhuman race descended from an ancient line of Celestial Beings, and when the balance of power is being threatened, their only hope of keeping the scales balanced is in the hands of a prophesied warrior; a Divine Sensitive, Ace.

Will Ace be able to fight the dark forces that beckon to her, or will she succumb to them?