Halley's Promise

Halley’s Promise

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Halley's Promise

An epic tale of war and revolution, love and loss, struggle and hope; an adventure taking us from the Hungarian Revolution and the Vietnam War to 1970’s New York City.

The Soviet Union had been in control of Hungary since the end of WWII, but in 1956 a revolt started which would spark a change in all of Eastern Europe. As a young girl Hannah Adams runs through the chaotic streets of Budapest, which are filled with tanks, shooting, and rebellion. She escapes the country with her parents after a long and arduous journey and finds refuge in Australia. After enduring more misfortune she moves to Chicago as an aspiring actress. Although her past has made her strong and independent, Hannah does not find her place in the acting world until her appearance on Broadway.

Bullets ripping through the air, fire and bombs scorching the earth, death and utter destruction, this is the world William Halley grows to know as a soldier in the Vietnam War. He begins to question everything he had ever been taught about the world, about humanity and freedom. After returning home he decides to take a motorcycle trip across the country and into Mexico with his friend J.R., whom he became brothers with during the war. Along the way they visit historic sights, spend nights under the stars, and find excitement, laughs, and trouble as they meet a myriad of strange and interesting characters. Their freewheeling ride and contemplation lead them to the east coast where William continues to struggle with his new perception of the world. A romance sparks when William crosses paths and falls for the beautiful Hannah. At first Hannah is hesitant to let her guard down, but William continues to show her another side of life.

Halley’s Promise is an accurate and honest look at one of the most difficult periods in history.

“Happiness comes not from the great moments, but from the periods of uncertainty.”

“To fully live, you have to find something you’d die for.”

“We all have fears, we’re all scared. Courage is looking at fear with a smile.”

“Some of us are reaching for stars.”

“One decision, one second, can change your life.”