Zepharius: Volume 1

Zepharius: Volume 1

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Zepharius: Volume 1

“What do you mean you weren’t aware?” He smiles, questioning my lack of concern for my own status.

I tilt my head slightly, puzzled by his action.

He seems different, in a way that I can’t seem to comprehend. His conversation and wording is so odd, his gestures seem so carefree, and there’s a look in his eyes that gives off a sense of determination that is different from the other soldiers. He’s also smiling, an action that I can’t even recall seeing before. Why is he smiling? Why do people smile?

The planet Gisaawek is prospering in its government and is growing in military power and security. Everyone is dedicated to their assignments. Their objective is serving their planet to the best of their ability.

Zepharius is a soldier in Gisaawek and works with that objective in mind.

Throughout the years, however, she becomes aware of abnormalities that reside within her world. People do not speak to each other unless it is necessary for them to do so. Improving strength on the planet is their only objective. Events and memories before a certain point in time have been obliterated.

More importantly, there are people within the planet which disappear faster than they are appearing. Their existence is dubbed “dangerous and forbidden”. They are Gisaawekians who have an ability to choose their own objective, which can lead to destruction of both themselves and the planet. They are called dïfakàténs.

She comes to realize that the world she lives in is not as perfect as it seems. What will happen when she comes across secrets that could explain why?