Feenin' for a Real One

Feenin’ for a Real One

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Feenin' for a Real One

Ingrid is a woman who most men lusted for. She was smart, beautiful, independent, had a loving man, and a secure job. One would believe if she has all this, she has to be happy. Sad to say, that even though, she may have everything she needed in life; one thing, is still missing. TRUE LOVE!

Her man, Roger, is all a woman can ask for; however, there’s a lot of things, he isn’t willing to do in order to keep Ingrid happy. Unbeknownst, to him, the betrayal he’s committing behind her back comes to the forefront and her world comes crumbling down, but not for reasons you think.

Cason Hill suffered a traumatic loss and has been fighting himself every day to move past it. Unfortunately, a woman who is destined to be in his life because of his daughter, Kiyah, brings so much drama in his life; he has to make a choice, on if he should kill her or let her be.

Pierce came to be with Cason in hopes of helping him retire from the game. They both decided, going legit is the best thing, for each of them. However, he meets Rebel and she turns his world upside down. Crazy as it may seem, she’s exactly the type of woman he needs to balance him out. He later finds out that she isn’t the person he thought she was and walks outta her life, only to be dragged back in to save her.

With so many twists and turns, take a journey with these characters and decide if Feenin’ For A Real One is worth the drama.