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AREANA CAMERON’S ONLY MOTIVE was to gain power and fame from the Vandaul de Marcin clan and she knew Cole’s weak spot: family. So when she threatens to get rid of the only heir to their fortune, Cole did the only thing possible to protect his lineage: paying her.

But circumstances changed and one wrong turn on a stormy night caused him his life. This left Areana to deal with the only Vandaul de Marcin that she couldn’t sway— the one who disliked her from the word go. So, Areana did what she always did best and ran, leaving her identical twin to face Storm with one fact omitted— Storm knew nothing about her twin’s existence.

Storm was willing to carry out his brother’s final request; even if it was to marry the one woman whom he thought had ruined his baby brother’s life. Storm was used to Areana’s malicious ways but of all the times he’d known Areana he had not felt the strong attraction that he felt for her now. Something about her was different and it engrossed him, so he did the same thing his brother had been doing, but with something extra: he was also paying her to stay in their marriage bed.

Allauna is Areana’s warm-hearted twin that no one but their family recognized existed. For her family was to be held close and so, when Storm barraged into her life and turned it up sided down she was determined to hold her nephew close to her heart— even if it meant selling her own body to one domineering hunk of a man.
She never counted that her heart would’ve been in the package. Now she was living a lie and paying off her sister while fighting the deadly attraction between her and her husband.

What will she do when the real Areana shows up?

Could these two overcome the struggles that had both pull them together while pushing them apart?

Storm might not be prepared to take no for an answer.

His Brother’s Final Request is a full length, standalone novel with an HEA (Happy Ever After) ending by the author of His by Royal Blackmail (a 535KB novel which is also attached!).