The Wild and Lonely Sea (The Selkie Kingdom Book 1)

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The Wild and Lonely Sea (The Selkie Kingdom Book 1)

A historical fantasy standalone novella

Freedom comes at a heavy cost…

Lisbetta has powers that shouldn’t exist outside old stories.

She is a selkie, a seal shape-shifter, with the power to control the winds and waves.

But when she runs away from the safety of her underwater kingdom, she finds herself in a world where no amount of magic guarantees safety.

How can she choose between freedom and protection, between power and love?

If she makes the wrong decision, she will lose everything that she has ever cared about.

The truth can change everything.

Cormac tried to leave his old life behind – but pirates can’t just retire.

Now, allies have become enemies, and the authorities are closing in on him.

He wants to protect the strange, beautiful woman who’s stumbled into his life – but he has his own family secrets to conceal…

All power has a price.

As selkies, pirates, and sea-witches battle for control of Scotland’s wild Atlantic coast, Lisbetta finds herself trapped in the middle.

18th-century Scotland, with its witch-burning and seal-hunting, is no place for a shape-shifting selkie princess, but what price must she pay for the magic that can save her?

Prepare to dive in!