College To Job: 8 Steps To Career At World’s Best Companies As a Fresh Graduate

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College To Job: 8 Steps To Career At World's Best Companies As a Fresh Graduate

How to Get a Job After College: The Practical Guide

Congratulations! You’ve graduated college, and are ready to enter your chosen field. So…now what? Do you know how to navigate the daunting application and interview process? If you’re unsure of what to do next, you need College To Job: 8 Steps To Career At World’s Best Companies As a Fresh Graduate! College to Job is the definitive guide to job searches, internships, interviews, resume writing, and more.

Author Victor Butman shares real life experience in this easy to follow guide of the steps needed to secure a top position in any career. After going through the complete recruitment process at 15 top companies such as Morgan Stanley, UBS, BCG, A.T. Kearney, Mars, G.E., and Coca Cola, he was offered the position he went after by three of them. In College to Job, Butman takes his experiences and offers them up, along with insider information, in a practical how-to guide.

Unlike similar books, College to Job does not just offer a list of interview questions, tips and tricks for resumes, or job searches, but gives complete how-to steps and tried and true strategies for performing at the level needed to succeed. Each chapter focuses on one step of the recruitment process, giving you the skills you need to successfully apply for a position.

Learn how to tailor cover letters for any position, and how to write a resume that stands out from the hundreds of others received for every open position. Read about successfully obtaining internships, how best to answer the wide range of interview questions you’ll likely be asked, and how to navigate the series of interviews you’ll sit through, be it over phone/Skype, in-person, or a performance interview.

Get the job you’ve always wanted by following the strategies, tips, and examples found in College to Job. Thousands of books are available on how to get a job, but only College to Job gives you the whole picture with everything you need to know based on author Victor Butman’s personal experiences. Don’t wait to succeed! Order your copy of College to Job today!