Dark Rain: Book 1 of The Aetherium Saga

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Dark Rain: Book 1 of The Aetherium Saga

Mature, dark, romantic sci-fantasy – star-crossed lovers like no other.

It is the year 2092, and Earth is changed.

Extreme action has been taken to heal the planet, leaving whole regions now abandoned. An all-powerful organisation governs the world with strict eugenics, and abnormalities are criminalised.

And now, our ancient creators, the Anunnaki, are regarding us with disdain. Fixed to return, and destroy.

A band of unlikely asylum escapees must fight to survive, led by Lenore Falkirk, a young undercover agent on a mission gone wrong. Their bonds will be tested as they struggle through a world now poised for planetary apocalypse, where both earthly and celestial factions will clash.