69 Boring Ideas to Get Rich: No Shortcuts, No B.S, Just 69 Ideas That Work.

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69 Boring Ideas to Get Rich: No Shortcuts, No B.S, Just 69 Ideas That Work.

You Don’t Get Rich Doing What You Love; You Get Rich Getting Paid To Do What Others Hate!

With over 15 years of corporate experience and after establishing 6 million-dollar businesses, I have seen enough and worked with the worst and best. I have gained enough knowledge to help you understand the structures of the money-making game and becoming wealthy. If you are trying to make money, understand that it requires an approach like nothing else. When 90% of the businesses fail, your business idea and execution needs to be smoking. You don’t need to do the sexiest job in order to become successful and get rich. There are thousands of millionaires you’ve never heard of because their industries are not sexy and popular. But they are millionaires, nonetheless! Are you ready to do a less illustrious job to kick-start your financial empire?

If you are serious about making a significant amount of money and earning your financial freedom, then this book is exactly what you need. Remember, these jobs have low-entry barriers, low competition and a massive target audience. That’s the 3 most crucial ingredients for a successful business.

Let me ask you a quick question. Which of the following car companies do you think has the biggest revenue? Lamborghini or Kia? The legendary Italian car manufacturer makes some of the most desired, beautiful and fastest cars in the world, while the Korean company makes boring, everyday cars for regular people. The answer might surprise you. Lamborghini’s revenue per year is $500 million. Kia’s revenue per year is $46 billion. Let that sink in!

Everyone wants to start the next Facebook or Amazon. However, these niches are extremely competitive where only 1 in 100000 succeeds. There are dozens of high paying jobs that are not sexy, but people will pay you good money for your services. From Lice Removal to Dog Poop Scooper and from Data Visualization to Scaffolding Rental, this book contains everything you need to know to start your own business and make money today.