The Unfortunate Expiration of Mr. David S. Sparks

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The Unfortunate Expiration of Mr. David S. Sparks

Who is David S. Sparks? Where is David S. Sparks? When is David S. Sparks?

Following The Class Wars and The Chemical Wars, nature reclaims humanity’s infrastructure. While most of mankind ekes out an existence in quarantined cities perched off the mainland, small pockets of survivalists erect their colonies within old city sites.

David S. Sparks awakens into the chaos of this future world, unsure of his place in a reality wildly different than where he thinks he belongs. As the desire to retake the planet swells, so too does the question of how. Will the same mistakes be repeated? Can technology beat nature, or is it time for another approach? And what is David Sparks’s role in all of it?

Dive into a wild, mind-bending journey as one man chases the ultimate question of self, discovering things are not always what they seem, and that closing your eyes can bring a whole new world into view.