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Follow the coming of age story of Liana Pantaleone and a cadre of supporting characters representing all walks of emerging post-war American life, from charming 1950s Brooklyn to newly-suburbanized 1960s Staten Island – and on to the culturally rich Italian neighborhood of 1970s Little Italy. Experience the impacts of emotional abandonment…the agony of rejection…the grandfather with tenacious will…the strength of caring…the force of love…the unstoppable power of drive, determination, and hope. For that too cold wintery weekend, or after all the gifts are put away – a holiday time escape. Liana Pantaleone: no better young woman…no better American painter…no better friend, wife, mother.

About the Author..Born in post-World War II Brooklyn, Diane E. Baldo DeMuth was imprinted for life with a love of city streets. She craved walking with her friends as a young girl to roller skate, shoot hoops, explore Park Slope and Prospect Park, and spend good amounts of time in the Grand Army Plaza Library. At twelve-years-old, she travelled by train to the museums of Manhattan and loved long afternoons, strolling through (in later years, if not in body, certainly in mind).

DeMuth is a graduate of Holy Name of Jesus elementary school in Park Slope, Brooklyn and St. Joseph’s High School, Willoughby Street, Brooklyn. She earned college degrees in English and Education from Richmond College, Staten Island, Psychology from City University of New York in New York City, and a Master of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations, jointly conferred by Baruch College in New York City and Cornell University in Ithaca. She is a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit, School of Spiritual Healing and Prophesy, in Lily Dale, New York.

While Diane enjoyed many rich career and personal experiences while living in the New York City area, her chosen work began when she relocated to the Finger Lakes and began a twenty-year career as a non-profit leader. Holding unparalleled Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director positions throughout the Upstate New York region, she excelled in program development with the attendant grant writing necessary to gain funding. DeMuth earned hundreds of thousands of dollars during her career for those on the sidelines of rural American life that deserve better for themselves. She remains proud to have been of help to others and gratified that she found a place for her development and writing skills in the non-profit world that she honored.

After her retirement, DeMuth e-published A Salty Onion (Pocket-Sized) Pie Kind of Love, a coming-of-age e-novel, and Never Take Your Eyes from the Puppeteer, an e-novel exposing the tribulations of a struggling non-profit organization inundated with donations for a local disaster.

DeMuth lives in Albany, New York with her husband-friend of forty years, Nicholas. They enjoy day trips and longer, movies and theater, and television commercials, especially those starring talking M&Ms® of all colors.