My Blood, My Sweat, My Tears

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My Blood, My Sweat, My Tears

“My Blood, My Sweat, My Tears” by Felicia St. Jean and Jewell Caples
Intense, insightful, and one of the best biographies of women in contemporary music.

Blessed with a beautiful voice and the talent to take her far, Jewell Caples became one of the first
female R&B artists to sign to the notorious Death Row Records. From her humble beginnings in a
religious household to her life at the top as part of the Death Row family, this gritty hip hop bio
should be on your list of hot new books to read.

Written by Felicia St. Jean – the freshest name in the world of black female authors- this
explosive story takes you on a rollercoaster journey through the life and times of The First Lady of
Death Row Records:

Share in Jewell’s ecstatic highs, learning what it was really like to work with esteemed
artists such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and 2Pac
• Read about her heartbreaking lows, from being raped in senior high to the murder
charges she later faced
• Gain fascinating insight into the underbelly of the Death Row world, and the dirty secrets
of Suge Knight’s musical empire
• Take inspiration from her empowering story of how she took control of her life, stepping
out of the limelight to raise a family
• Be gripped by her account of the day her whole world was forever changed by a fateful
visit from the Feds…

“My Blood, My Sweat, My Tears” is Jewell Caples’ personal invitation to hear her story – and her
truth. Don’t miss out on one of the top music biography books you will ever read – buy or
download your copy now.