Man in Charge: A Steamy Contemporary Romantic Comedy (The Manly Series Book 2)

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Man in Charge: A Steamy Contemporary Romantic Comedy (The Manly Series Book 2)

Recipe for a Big Bang–

Start with the Regal Theater reclamation project


One financier who likes calm order and the color beige.

One ad agency owner who likes free range for her creativity and can’t live without color.

Stir in:

His desire to teach her control of her energy and emotions.

Her desire to use him in her silk boxer ad campaign.

Generously sprinkle with passion and snark.

Toss the mix into a pressure cooker and stand well back.

This is the second book in the steamy contemporary Manly Series featuring the DePaul men! If you enjoyed Leo and Juliette’s love story in The Best Man, here’s your chance to read about how Tony and Cleo first fell in love:

Tony DePaul runs his life like his investment firm—with strong hands and tight reins in both the boardroom and the bedroom. He wants no part of the high-profile renovation project that could damage his professional reputation and bankrupt a friend, especially since it looks like the advertising expert is going to require firm handling.

Clementine (Cleo) Waiteberry didn’t build a successful advertising agency by kowtowing to other peoples’ ideas of how things should be done or by standing around waiting for things to happen. What she wants, she goes after, and that includes getting a certain stodgy financier into her ad campaign for silk boxers. Joining the project risks her bank account and her heart, but a strong woman never backs down from a challenge.

From their first meeting, Tony itches to take this fluttery hummingbird in hand, but Cleo’s not about to sit still for anyone trying to clip her wings. Can he leverage what she wants from him to get what he wants from her, without compromising a demanding renovation project that could break everyone?