The Stranger In Central Park

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The Stranger In Central Park

“Timely and Enlightening…” “A Deeply Spiritual Blockbuster!”

At a time of unprecedented gun violence and constant military conflict, The Stranger in Central Park offers an explosive new look at the bedrock teachings of Christianity. This thought-provoking, page-turning thrill ride of a novel is sure to inspire and engage readers everywhere.

“The story spoke to my heart and soul” – Laura, Amazon Review

As the title suggests, the story is set in New York City’s Central Park, present day. However, much of the action takes place at other iconic “Big Apple” locations like The Dakota, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and Gracie Mansion. Here the ordinary world collides with the extraordinary when a being with inexplicable powers, who makes unwavering demands, arrives and quickly turns virtually everything upside down.

To protagonist Katie Molinaro, “the Stranger” is a divine and self-luminous being who holds the key to peace and personal salvation. However, to her brother, New York City Mayor Jack Molinaro, the Stranger is an enigmatic and troubling figure whose miraculous powers have drawn thousands to Central Park during a week of great tension and peril. What’s worse is, in Jack’s mind, he has immensely complicated the hunt for a dangerous, nuclear-armed, terrorist.

Both Jack and Katie face daunting and often other-worldly challenges. The Stranger gives each an opportunity to avoid personal tragedy and grow spiritually if they can find the courage to trust his teachings. Chief among these is “M-39.” To paraphrase, he insists: “Put down your swords before you impale your souls on them!”

What would you do if such a “Stranger” came into your life?

Would you repent?


Put down your guns and weapons of war and change your ways?

If commanded to re-examine your actions, political beliefs, and even the tenants of your faith, could you really change?

Will you now?

What critics and readers are saying:

“A spiritual tale with an engaging plot…” Kirkus Reviews

“Timely and captivating…you won’t want to put it down!” Sarah McClean: Soul Centered

“A Deeply Spiritual Blockbuster! If you liked “The Shack” or “The Alchemist” you are going to LOVE this book!” Anthony DeStefano: A Travel Guide to Heaven