Just Another Novel

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Just Another Novel

After years of womanizing, Charles decides that he had enough of it and starts following a life on his own. His best friend on the other hand, starts scheming up plans with the intention to revive Charles’ love for life, that soon get out of his control.

– He admired the self-control that his friend possessed. He could go from bearish wrath to the calmness of a lake in a windless day in the matter of seconds if he wished. The scary part was that the contrary was also true.
‘Let’s do this’ said Charles getting out of the car. A smile took over Jamel. He was back.
Both of them walked as if they were afraid of nothing, in fact, they were in such synchrony that their pace was perfectly equal, walking in such harmony that no one on the street dared to get close, or even make the mistake of passing between them.-

A thought provoking work that confronts many social paradigms regarding men, sexuality, life, relationships and the world that we think we know in sensitive, crude and very humorous manners.

Link to the Half book Preview: https://literatimpress.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/just-another-novel-half-book-preview3.pdf