Coasting On Heather: Another Bart Sherman Conquest

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Coasting On Heather: Another Bart Sherman Conquest

“Coasting On Heather – Another Bart Sherman Conquest”

This is the first book in a series of the escapades of the man who goes by Bart Sherman while traveling around the country for his job most weeks. He has a master plan for being able to successfully cheat on his wife time after time without getting caught.

To Heather, his hot wife and mother of his toddlers, it’s just another travel day for her loving and devoted husband. Of course, she makes time to be alone with him that morning before he heads for the airport.

For Bart, his long flight gives him the chance to rest up and review his approach for the night ahead.

Find out what Bart does to have that night include being with an even younger (and unsuspecting) Heather in a different time zone to bring his wonderful day to a climax.

Two Heathers in one day on two coasts. And he gets to keep one of them.