Alphas & Angels: A Complete Series Box Set

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Alphas & Angels: A Complete Series Box Set

Fake Fiancée Truly Angel

There was no way to resist my fake fiancé.
I craved his touch to the point where I want him to claim me as his.
I blame it all on that first kiss…

His Lawyer Purely Angel

I know he’s playing with me. I’m no different than all the other women he’s been with.
I try everything to not fall for the notorious womanizer CEO.
But at the end of the day, I find myself falling asleep with a smile on my face as I think of him…

Captivated by Shy Angel

I found it difficult to talk to the opposite sex.
And my stuttering and coldness towards them, keep them away from me.
That’s until I met him.
He finds my coldness as a challenge…