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Western Serial Killer Series Vol 1 & 2

Better Off Without her is the first in this Volume. Victor Frank was an abused and emotionally crippled individual from the time he was born. Because his mother died in child birth, his father blamed him and tortured him on every birthday. Not just any torture, but he strung him up like a side of beef, then cut, burned and whipped him, calling him every ugly name and disrespecting him in every way. When grown Victor set out on avenging himself of his father and Uncle.

Vol 2 is The Ghost of Victor Frank: Benny Gates has been tortured all his life by the way his mother lived as the oldest whore in Del Rio. Ashamed, and called a half wit because he didn’t even know his father, Benny had a chip on his shoulder which led to his strange and unusual life. Benny didn’t kill by guns or knives. No, he found a more perfect way, Benny decided to set fires, and his first victim was going to by his own mother and whoever else was in the saloon at the time.