The Ominous: Some play it safe. Heroes don’t

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The Ominous: Some play it safe. Heroes don't

The story starts with six teenagers. Each recently finding out that they were born half human and half alien. The teenagers are invited to the mysterious Zen Academy, an institution that is kept secret from the rest of the world. There they meet the alluring Chancellor Thorne, the pure alien head master that informs the teenagers they are safe and her true desire is to help them control and understand their strange abilities. This, however, is her biggest lie.

The teenagers soon discover that many of the students that fail the training portion of this Academy have started to go missing and the true colors of the good Headmaster begin to expose themselves. As teenagers escape the clutches of Zen Academy, they gradually we find out the Chancellor’s true motives and the depths she will sink to achieve them.

Despite their conflicting personalities, the teenagers must come together not only for their survival but also for the fate of the world.

They are dangerous. They are threatening. They are The Ominous.