MOBILIZE-a Science Fiction Multi-series Box Set

MOBILIZE-a Science Fiction Multi-series Box Set

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MOBILIZE-a Science Fiction Multi-series Box Set

Are aliens among us?
Are they on their way to invade planet earth?
What about abductees? What does ET want?

Just a few of the questions from a couple of science fiction comedies that fans fall in love with in this box set of first books in four series.

Post apocalyptic sci fi fans devour the Battlefield Z series and gobble up the seven books like it was canned SPAM after the zombie plague turns the middle of America in to a wasteland.

Super Secret Space Mission is like Dumb and Dumber in Space. If you the movie made you chuckle, you’ll like this story. If it didn’t, it’s not for you.

Moon Men has enough sci fi references to keep an uberfan connecting dots all night. It’s like taking all the classics, putting them in a stewpot and make a good gumbo with it. Again, love or hate, since the science in this one is soft.

Flyover Zombie is sparse with details, focused on a more Elmore Leonard style of writing where it’s up to the reader to fill in some of the blanks. This makes for a lightning paced read, but if you’re a lazy reader who needs all the details spelled out, this might not be for you. If you don’t like Leonard, probably avoid it.

Plus there are links at the front and back where you can get a couple of free books to find out when others are coming out in the series. Each series has 3 or more books in it, so if you do enjoy them, plan for a long weekend of reading pleasure.


Battlefield Z
Book one in the post apocalyptic sci fi comedy series about a father leading a ragtag group of survivors through a zombie filled wasteland in a hunt for his children. Fans have called the series “addictive,” and “a top ten favorite.”

Super Secret Space Mission
Book one of the Super Secret series is a sci fi comedy about a dumb duo mistaken for super soldiers and accidentally shot into space to fight invading aliens. Comedy sci fi called Dumb and Dumber meets Galaxy Quest.

The Dipole Shield
Tongue in cheek humor abounds in this slightly harder sci fi comedy about a group of misfits thrown together to save Mars from a terrorist about to blow up the geomagnetic shield that protects the Red Planet.

Book one of the Shadowboxer thriller series finds a fresh out of high school exchange student is tasked by the government to spy on his South African girlfriend and her powerful father.

Wizard at War
The prequel to the Marshal of Magic series finds the witty and extremely lucky Marshal of Magic trying to enforce magical law in the stone canyons of Afghanistan against a Pakistani witch bent on the destruction of occupying forces. Fans of Dresden will recognize a heavy Jim Butcher influence, with Alex Verga and Kevin Hearne tossed in for good measure.

Bonus material:

No one reads the bonus material, but if you’re a fan of Westerns, follow along with Judge Parker and Eldridge Sample as they ride into the Frontier town of Fort Smith and try to civilize the lawless west to make it ready for the railroad.