Pine Barrens Incident: And Other Dark Tales

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Pine Barrens Incident: And Other Dark Tales

For those who enjoy sleeping at night with all the lights on.

Pine Barrens Incident, And Other Dark Tales are three novelettes and one novella by author Ken Pomarco, whose debut horror novel The Cloud Benders became an interest to certain people who greenlight projects in a large city on the west coast. Pine Barrens Incident contain four stories that continue to explore themes presented in The Cloud Benders: the fantastical hidden in the normal, impossible acts in a realistic setting, the unfathomed power of thought, nefarious networks that conspire, weather modification, and making friends with horror.

Director’s Cut is about a production company in LA involved in an interdepartmental civil war by proxy.

Scratch is a story of a man, home alone, his wife a traveling lecturer, who is being assaulted by unseen forces.

Ascension is a sci-fi novella about a lone nature photographer who witnesses an alien invasion in Lake George, NY.

Pine Barrens Incident explores New Jersey colonial folklore with the tale of three men who venture into the present-day Barrens to find something best left alone.

What links all four stories is the author’s intention to fasten the reader into the last row of a condemned theme park ride. So, enjoy the rising tension and having your head whipped over the top.

Fans of strange thriller, horror, and mystery will find Pine Barrens Incident a fast-paced, enjoyable read.

Ken Pomarco’s influences include:
Clive Barker, Cormac McCarthy, William Peter Blatty, James Dickey, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Elmore Leonard, Rod Serling, Ira Levin, Irvine Welsh, Edgar Allen Poe, David Lynch, Shirley Jackson, Frank Zappa, Sun Ra, Oscar Wilde, Benjamin Britten, Stanley Kubrick, Robert Bloch, The Residents, Phillip K. Dick, Tony Banks, Thomas Harris, and the Coen brothers.
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