Attaining Personal Freedom: Intimate Journeys of Courage

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Attaining Personal Freedom: Intimate Journeys of Courage

Attaining Personal Freedom- Intimate Journeys of Courage is the raw and courageous adventures of four incredible women embarking on their most daring and powerful experience of self-discovery – coming home to themselves.

With devotion to their own healing and growth, Bev, Donnaah, Keli and Robyn, take on the challenges of uncovering what’s holding them back from their truth, who they truly are and living fully free from their past, from fear, from everything and anything in their way.

At some point attaining personal freedom requires each to stand on the edge of “the void” which feels like facing death and truthfully it is. Walking into “the void” requires the demise of their old and familiar paths and the end of who they were and believed they were.

Fascinating, scathingly honest and vulnerable these four women allow us to walk with them through the process of High Speed Evolution. HSE a three-year unique personal development program, eventually calls each of them to train to be HSE certified coaches.

Tanja, the innovator of HSE, engages us at the start of the book to explore and understand the art of change and how we are stuck in so many aspects of our lives. Introducing us to the concept of the process the stories revolve around makes it not only relatable but allows us to explore our own paths as well.

Not your typical self-help book, Attaining Personal Freedom is a tantalizing deep dive into personal reclamation, truth, power, hope, integrity and thriving in self.