Biz Startup Solutions

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Biz Startup Solutions

This inspiring book will give you the knowledge and confidence to set your self free to be your own boss.

Throughout the book you will learn many helpful tips that will save you thousands of dollars in costly assistance from accountants, lawyers and consultants.

This guide shares strategies and solutions that will save you many hours of your own productivity and will help you defeat the many challenges that a first time business owner faces. You will learn:

Helpful Strategies to Turn Your Passion into Reality: It is one thing to have an idea but, it is another to take action. You’ll find in this book the #1 reason why most startups fail (pg. 2) and how not to fall into that trap!

Action Steps To Help You Get Started Fulfilling Your Dreams Now: When Starting Your Business, it is overwhelming to think of the next steps to take. In this guide you will find actionable steps to take to help you succeed.

How To Write a Business Plan: Discover the easiest way to take your ideas and put them in a powerful business plan that will guide you from start to finish (pg.22). It will be so much easier to operate your business with a clear path laid out for you!

How To Pick The Name of Your Business: Learn the best way to tell your customers exactly what you do and why they need to buy from you.

Record Keeping: It is the least favorite task for a lot of people. But, find out how record keeping doesn’t have to take long and spending as little as 5 minutes a day will be time and money saver. (pg.39)

Learn Key Aspects to Marketing: Don’t make the mistake and think marketing is about you or your new company. Attract customers in any economy with some simple steps that will help dominate your market .

Incorporating Your Business: How to ensure that you and your family can sleep at night knowing that your assets that you worked so hard to build are protected.

Benefits To Having a Mentor: Starting your business can be a lonely road – Just know that you don’t have to go down it alone! You will benefit more by listening to those who have gone down the road already and are willing to share their wealth of knowledge.(pg. 63)