The Vampire Chaser

The Vampire Chaser

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The Vampire Chaser

“You couldn’t miss her—unassuming quiet elegance dressed in a sexy black business suit that showed plenty of shapely leg and didn’t waste much material on anything that didn’t cling to her trim attractive figure—elegance, style and sex all rolled up into one pretty package that reached deep inside you and said, ’Your world can stop now because I’m here.’”

This is a Sci -Fi Novella — 37,037 words, 14 chapters


An unusual vampire story as a lawyer unknowingly falls in love with a beautiful vampire, one of an elite type that can walk by day and blend in with humans unnoticed, but still has a thirst for blood..


I could get under the covers with her and taste her, smell her, feel her, and experience her full feminine womanhood. She was sweet, she was soft, she was loving, she was evil……

This decrepit structure seemed like a highly inappropriate place in which a thing of beauty would have to die, but she had chosen the place, not I, and I would do what I had to do to finally bring it to an end. Beauty is not a substitute for humanity and no being can truly live and love without its humanity. My soul would somehow summon up the courage to put out the life force of a beautiful creature that had no soul………

My fingers dug in tighter around the dragon handle of the dagger and I pushed it against her chest a little harder. She took a deep breath as she felt the point against her chest. “Your idea of compassion escapes me Claudia. You relieved them of life,” I said.

Then I pushed it again just a little harder and the point pierced her blouse and I felt the softness of her skin resist it, and once again she took another deep breath but she continued. “Life is what you define it to be,” she said.