Raven The Fierce (Raven Series)

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Raven The Fierce (Raven Series Book 1)

Raven has traveled to another place and time. Unsure of how she got there, she quickly realizes she must adapt to her new surroundings. No computers or mobile devices here, this place is different, a time of kings and kingdoms. Not to mention magic.
Raven quickly makes friends with the locals and learns she has a special powers. She can create energy and form it into any shape she desires. A young man named Vlad has taken a liking to the new visitor and decides to help Raven exercise her newfound gift. She learns of a battle that has been taking place a long time and will have to fight alongside her new friends to survive against creatures in a land not meant for humankind. Raven is caught between two lives and must find a way to save everyone around her including herself.