Vengeance of an Evil Man

Vengeance of an Evil Man

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Vengeance of an Evil Man

Gripping story of how the innocent – and not so innocent – get manipulated into serving one man’s thirst for vengeance.

The wealthy and ruthless Oswald Bardolf is blackmailed by a powerful politician for a crime he did not commit.

He will manipulate anyone and do anything to get what he wants – cold-bloodied vengeance. Can anyone stop him? Will his love of playing wild cards be his undoing, or will he succeed in luring his blackmailer into a trap baited by an ‘inconsequential fool’?

The book is for readers who enjoy an edge-of-the-seat crime thriller that is multi-layered, fast-moving and unpredictable. It is for those who like a gritty theme laced with strong characters with the drive to win. Yet only one can win. Will it be Bardolf, or will he be crushed in the attempt?

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