The Revelations of the End of Times: Prophecies and Messages from Heaven (End Times)

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The Revelations of the End of Times: Prophecies and Messages from Heaven (End Times)

The End of Times does not mean the end of the world (the world will not end). The End of Times is what is known in the Bible as “The Book of Revelations” or “Apocalypse of Saint John.”

According to the author, the End of the Times officially began on December 1, 2017. We are right at the beginning when the prophesized and unusual increase in catastrophic events of nature occurs. Highlighting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

But apart from the disasters of nature that from 2018 will increase, we will witness three very significant spiritual events that we will experience in this order: a Warning, a Miracle and a Punishment.

The Warning will be 3 days of total darkness in which each person will see their own sins (a mini final judgment). From there on we can ask for forgiveness and change our attitudes. According to the predictions, this Warning has been postponed thanks to the intercession of the Virgin Mary, but it will happen.

Then there will come a Miracle that will leave “something” permanent that will be able to be seen by everyone, either physically because they visit the place where it is produced or by the photographs and filming of the media.

Then a punishment will come in the form of a kind of cataclysm (a natural phenomenon that appears in the dictionary and begins with the letter “a”) that will cause many people to perish.

The book collects in chronological order the information that many people throughout history have written about the end of time, in addition to the prophets scattered across the five continents that currently receive messages from heaven.

As an example of the current messages that one of the prophets receives from the Virgin Mary, which will be able to follow thanks to the information that appears at the end of the book, on May 2, 2018 announced the eruption of the Kilauea volcano of Hawaii. And on May 16, 2018, he announced that “the great Yellowstone volcano will surprise man.