A Truth or a Gift?

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A Truth or a Gift?

Moneo hates humans, despite having been one for 38 years.

When a young lady in a coffee shop spells his name wrong for the second day in succession, that’s the last straw; Moneo decides he has had enough of humans and transforms into a peculiar breed of storyteller.

Unable to shake his curiosity for the species, he travels back in time to narrate the story of Macy Stulte, the 11-year-old version of the young woman who had failed to spell his name. Obtaining his own version of the angel and devil that reside on human shoulders, Moneo carries the weight of two feisty foes: Verum— a truth-teller— and Donum— a gift-giver.

After Belua, Macy’s older classmate, puts the younger girl into imminent danger, Moneo decides he has no choice but to interfere. By either instructing Verum to tell truths, or Donum to give gifts of pleasant little fibs, the fate-meddler twists and tangles Macy’s story.

Will Moneo’s meddling help or hurt the young girl? Should he have left the story alone?