Garvey’s: The Return (Garvey Series Book 3)

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Garvey's: The Return (Garvey Series Book 3)

After a crushing loss, Jodi Garvey returns to Arizona. Jackie and old college chum, Billy Newman gets Jodi back on her feet. They’re also helping Jodi hide a secret that will devastate her former lover, Matt Kirby.
Jodi Garvey left town four months ago, leaving Sheriff Matt Kirby miserable. When he finally decides to move on with the angelic Mindy Pandock, Jodi returns.
It becomes obvious that Jodi is hiding a secret after Matt confronts her at Garvey’s during orgy night. Matt won’t stop until he finds out what Jodi is hiding. Will they be able to work past the pain that they have caused each other and be together again?